Jacqueline Roederer,

Jacqueline Roederer
Miami Beach Lincoln Building

Born and raised right here in Miami, I'm more than just a real estate agent – I'm your neighbor, your guide, and your partner in finding the home you've always dreamed of. My journey started with helping my mom find her perfect home, this created a curiosity in me for all things real estate.

Before diving into real estate, I had my eyes set on Supply Chain Management. I studied Logistics and Supply Chain Management at FIU, graduating in 2021. Little did I know, my heart was leading me to something even more exciting – the world of designing and building homes. It's a passion that's been with me since high school, where my elective opened my eyes to the world of architecture. With a heart for hospitality and nearly four years of experience in the restaurant industry, I bring top-notch customer service skills to the table. I believe in the power of details, and as a dedicated perfectionist, I'm committed to providing you with the absolute best service throughout your real estate journey.

Miami's architectural styles and layouts tell stories of its rich past and limitless potential. My knowledge of these intricacies is your advantage – whether you're seeking a cozy home or looking to make a strategic investment, I've got you covered.

I invite you to explore my website, where you'll find an array of resources, listings, and insights. Feel free to reach out to me anytime – whether you're ready to jump into the market or just want to chat about your real estate aspirations. Together, we'll transform your Miami dreams into reality.

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